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It’s time to talk about something uncomfortable… period products. For some reason, there’s this huge cultural stigma against periods. They’re gross, the worst thing ever, you never discuss them. If we’re being honest here, I kinda hate that. Periods are a natural occurrence for roughly half the world’s population. They mean your body is working properly. Why should we, as a culture, hate and ignore them?
Anyone who has talked to me in the past year and a half has probably gotten my spiel on reusable menstrual products. See, a negative side effect of having that period stigma is that…

How lucky charms improve your chances through performance boosts.

Four leaf clovers are one of the most well-known symbols for good luck. Image Credit: JD Hancock

What is luck?

When you contemplate this question, you might come up with a broad concept of the idea, but what about a more exact definition? Luck is a commonly used word that’s passed around often, whether wishing a friend “good luck” on their way to a test or crossing our fingers for some upcoming situation. Yet, for such a frequently used word, it’s shockingly hard to define. The exact definitions of luck swirl around each other on different dictionaries. …

Anji Cooper

Undergraduate student at University of Delaware.

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