Reusable Menstrual Products: Why You Should Switch To Using Them

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It’s time to talk about something uncomfortable… period products. For some reason, there’s this huge cultural stigma against periods. They’re gross, the worst thing ever, you never discuss them. If we’re being honest here, I kinda hate that. Periods are a natural occurrence for roughly half the world’s population. They mean your body is working properly. Why should we, as a culture, hate and ignore them?
Anyone who has talked to me in the past year and a half has probably gotten my spiel on reusable menstrual products. See, a negative side effect of having that period stigma is that no one actually knows much about period alternatives because it’s just something we never talk about. I want to change that. Most people think there are just two options for periods: pads or tampons. That’s wrong. There’s a whole other world of period products out there, and odds are many of those products are going to work better than a pad or tampon ever will.
There are SO MANY pros to switching to reusable menstrual products that I will cover here. I switched over a year and a half ago and I am never going back. Let me just say this upfront: my main experience that I am speaking from is from using a menstrual cup- and I couldn’t recommend menstrual cups more. However, I do also have a dabble of experience with both menstrual discs as well as period underwear. I will discuss all of my thoughts on these products later in this post.
This is going to sound cliche, but I can’t help it: it’s true. Switching to a menstrual cup was a life changing experience for me. It completely changed the way I felt about and saw my period. So before any of you ask: No, I am not sponsored. I’m just passionate about reusable products, and think that there’s not enough knowledge out there about them. I want to spread the word and get other people in on these. I want other people to also have their lives changed by menstrual products. I promise that making the decision to switch is not one you’re going to regret.
For those of you wondering about ages: there are no age minimums or maximums on reusable products. Someone experiencing their period for the first time is actually able to use a cup- many brands even make “teen cups” just for that purpose. But then again, just because you’re physically able to do something doesn’t mean you want to or are comfortable. There are less “hands on” options, such as period underwear and reusable pads. I think people just starting their periods should be using what they’re most comfortable with- even if that means pads/tampons- I just thought I’d put it out there that there are reusable options. I, for sure, would’ve loved to know about some of these products even when I was first starting my period.
Now, here are some reasons you should switch the reusable menstrual products

1. It Will Save You Money

2. It Will Save The Environment

3. Comfort

4. Timing

4.1 Safety

5. Wide Variety to Choose From — There is a Perfect Product for You

6. Great Customer Service

Some Things to Take Into Consideration

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